When hanging drywall, you could measure, mark, and cut holes for all of your electrical boxes before you install each sheet, but it’s more efficient to cut them out with a drywall router once the sheets are up on the wall.

Note: Routing counter-clockwise against the perimeter of a box takes advantage of the the bit’s rotation to help maintain contact with the box, giving you more control over the tool, and resulting in a cleaner cut.

When routing against interior perimeters, such as window and door openings, follow the same procedure but reverse the direction. Routing clockwise on an interior cut gives the same result as routing counter-clockwise on an exterior cut; it leaves a clean, straight edge, flush with the opening.

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I like to cut out the inside of the box first. Then you know exactly where the box is, and there is much less likelihood of a big tear in the drywall.

Why doesn't the cutting edge of the router bit tear up the plastic electrical box? It sure makes dust out of the gypsum board.

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Cross Recessed Countersunk Head Screw

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