For some, Costco is just a store. For Sebastian and Josie Gonzalez and their two kids, it's a way of life.

"Everywhere you look in our home you'll find something from Costco," Josie told Insider in an email. "Dog food, baby formula, diapers, cleaning products, furniture, decor, shampoo and conditioner, toys …  I could go on and on."

So when it came time to plan their son Mason's first birthday party, they cycled through a few different themes before settling on the one that felt right — a tribute to their favorite store.

They each make weekly trips to the store. Sebastian often takes their two children, Madison and Mason, shopping with him on Saturdays, and Josie stocks up on household essentials on Mondays.

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"Everyone we know is aware of my husband's obsession with Costco," Josie Gonzalez told Insider. "He's a financial planner, so he's obviously all about making smart financial decisions. Our Costco membership is most certainly a smart financial decision."

"They ordered shirts, aprons, hairnets, etc," she said. "They arrived with bottles of Kirkland wine and liquor, someone even brought one of Costco's famous rotisserie chickens."

"Everything you could possibly need, as well as everything you absolutely don't need, is at Costco," she said. "And if I'm being honest, we buy it all."

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