ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fiber Mountain, Inc., the Glass Core Company and provider of transformative and managed fiber connectivity for Hyperscale, enterprise and colocation data centers, today announced Sensus, the most innovative patch panel in the industry.

Sensus technology illuminates the previously unmanaged physical layer by gathering real-time information via the use of sensors in cables and connectors, thus putting the physical layer infrastructure of a company on the road to digital transformation. Sensors and the use of central software put information about the network at the fingertips of network operators, providing real time network knowledge, unparalleled security, predictable growth management and enhanced uptime.

Patch panels in the Sensus family are equipped with LCD touchscreens, integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) readers, and per-port LEDs. Fiber optic cables including LC connectors and 8-Fiber MPO, 12-Fiber MPO, or 24-Fiber MPO connectors have a field-upgradeable clip that provides readable uniqueness to each end of the cable. Cable ends are equipped with NFC technology that can be read by Sensus patch panels, or a mobile device such as an iPhone or an android device capable of reading NFC. The Sensus system is modular and allows mixing of different types of connectors including Single Mode and Multimode in the same chassis.

Visibility into the physical layer of the network via sensors is a key feature that enables many applications. AllPath Director (APD) central software orchestration system can dynamically discover every Sensus panel and every cable, creating a network topology drawing of the physical layer of a network. Applications that come with the system, out of the box, include automatic network discovery, automatic documentation of every element of the physical layer, intrusion detection for a high level of security, software assisted technician guidance, event logs for all MAC (moves, adds & changes) including audit trails.

ICID or Intelligent Connection IDentification functionality brings sensor technology into the physical layer. ICID-enabled cables can be purchased from Fiber Mountain, or existing and installed cables at a customer site can be retrofitted with ICID technology.

Data center operators invest in the testing of fiber optic networks at time of installation. After initial installation, it is usually difficult to maintain the integrity of the fiber infrastructure. Sensus panels have integrated diagnostics and test capability, so that end-to-end fiber connectivity can be tested at any time that the operators desire, without external test equipment.

“See the invisible,” says M. H. Raza, CEO of Fiber Mountain, Inc. “Sensus changes the way network operators manage their day to day activities. With software control of physical assets, new levels of functionality are available in the network, human errors are eliminated, growth can be managed and planned, and the costs of network maintenance become controlled and predictable.”

Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core is a software defined physical infrastructure that includes AllPath Director (APD) Software, Sensus Patch Panels, Sensus Cables, Optical Path Exchange (OPX) layer 1 switches and L-Series Fiber Port Aggregators. These devices enable network operators to build any type of network at any scale, with the ease of software managed control in a growing or changing network landscape.

Sensus is currently in various stages of deployment at hyperscale, government and enterprise networks. The primary benefits include the ability to centrally track every connection and utilize ICID capability to ensure 100% accuracy topology documentation via AllPath Director.

Fiber Mountain’s new Sensus and the Glass Core family can be seen at BICSI Winter Conference, Orlando booth #747 and in the New Product Pavilion/Best in Show booth.

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Fiber Mountain, Inc.’s Glass Core™ technology transforms the physical layer into a managed and dynamic software-controlled network asset, providing real-time visibility and software control of connectivity. Digital transformation of physical infrastructure will require software controlled configuration and dynamic network changes. Glass Core™ provides freedom from the rigid architectures of yesterday. For more information, please visit www.fibermountain.com.

The Fiber Mountain logo, Fiber Mountain symbol, Fiber Mountain™, Glass Core™, Intelligent Connection Identification™, ICID®, OPX®, Sensus™, and AllPath® are all trademarks of Fiber Mountain.

Fiber Mountain Launches Sensus; Software Controlled Premium Patch Panel Solution increases operational efficiency in Data Centers

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