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Compost Turning Machine Market Outlook and Competitive Landscape 2017- 2027 | FMI Report

Over 3,200 compost turning machines were sold globally, in 2018, which is likely to rise at a moderate pace in 2019 and ahead. The compost turning machine market is foreseen to gather momentum in the near future, primarily driven by the increasing severity of waste management and soil quality management concerns. A new research report of Future Market Insights (FMI) tracks global compost turning machine market performance over 2018-2028 and analyzes the demand patterns of compost turning machine on the basis of various attributes such as product type, output capacity, end-use industries, and region. Drum type compost turner machine is likely to maintain a dominating market value share through 2028, as indicated by the report. However, elevating face type compost turner machine that currently accounts for more than a third of the total market value, is projected to gain significant traction in the years to come. The report has attributed this growth to manufacturers’ focus on developing new technologies for compost turning machines as per the demand from different countries. Increasing frequency of environmental changes is compelling consumers to move towards food waste recyclin...