An outdoor plug socket or switch is a convenient addition to your garden, allowing you to safely run electricity to your outside areas. Our selection of power solutions ensures you can safely plug in your pressure washer or switch on your garden lights with a waterproof light switch.

Available in a choice of one and two way configurations, an outside light switch is ideal for use with exterior lights such as wall-mounted floodlights. Made from a tough and robust polycarbonate casing for a fade and crack resistant life, our durable outdoor switches are fully weatherproof, so you can safely use your outdoor switches.

An outdoor socket provides a handy power source in your garden, so you don’t have to run indoor extension cables outside. With secure and easy to open see-through covers, choose from a single or double socket to suit your needs. Whether you want to plug in your power tools for some garden landscaping, vacuum the inside of your car or jet wash the driveway, we have a choice of outdoor sockets to suit your needs.

Our range of outdoor junction boxes provide reliable, weatherproof protection. With an array of models from Masterplug and options supplied with their terminal block, you can shop by size or the number of gangs required.

If you need full around-the-clock control of your pond pump or automatic dusk to dawn activation of your outdoor lights, our exterior power points come complete with timers, plus automatic and manual override options for 24 hour control.

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